Nottinghamshire, England

Bio: I was an English convert to the LDS Church at age 18; an ordained Bishop by 23 and Branch President later in life. I had secret doubts which troubled me. I had no idea the church was so false – back then I thought 'I' was the problem. As so frequently told... I needed to be more humble, more contrite, less proud and had perhaps sinned? I lacked confidence and thought my priesthood leaders were men of God and must be correct. I carried on in any calling given to me. I eventually had a wonderful family life with 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) – all boys on missions – all married in the temple – all still active. Over many years my reasons for doubting Mormonism were increasing and not because of the internet, as computers were not so common then. Apart from what seemed to be an unexplainable 'instinct' (as if I had just smelt smoke, and they said there was no fire!) I was troubled by the age of the earth, the temple endowment, grace and works, the non fulfilment of personal revelation, marriage in heaven, contradictory quotations of early Brethren about tithing, the law of succession, freedom of conscience, Mormonism's obsession about abstinence, instead of moderation, and especially its history. The other thing, which only added to my suspicions that something was really wrong, was the manner and attitude of the Church leaders toward me – as I increased in self confidence, so my integrity was being constantly doubted and challenged. I began to see another problem – the suppression of enquiry and the very 'controlling' attitude of Mormonism. Challenging the faith, brought out some ugly colours – in them. Of course, this was just the tip of an iceberg – many more disturbing and astonishing secrets of LDS history were yet to come to my attention.. By the time I was excommunicated in 2006, I had thoroughly lost all essential belief in Mormonism and trust in its leaders. I have written a book portraying my life and struggle with Mormonism. It is entitled: 'The Youngest Bishop in England,' available from most major book retailers.

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