Mormon leaders are essentially FAITHLESS.

They accuse members who have doubted and those who have left, with having a LACK of FAITH – a failure to TRUST. But consider this: Throughout our lives the leadership of the church has been constantly banging-on about the POWER of God – what He can do to save us; why we need Him and how the Holy Ghost can teach, inspire, protect, comfort and bless our lives, yet apart from the young children of Gay parents who are already (apparently) tainted by the environment of their home and thus not worthy to be baptized, there is one more insidious exception to this availability of God’s power, it is this one – dumb, cult-like, fear-based, qualification: ‘He cannot dwell in  unholy temples if we are not wholly circumspect.’ He departs. He can’t seem to stomach such contamination.

CS Lewis used to highlight this self-same ridiculous paradox, by saying that biblically speaking (and he’s correct) ‘Repentance is a Gift’ and the person who needs to receive this gift is required to gain access to the Holy Spirit first, but CANNOT in his unworthy state…. so how can he repent? Their teaching – that God departs from us when we become ‘unworthy,’ is one of the most despicably false dogmas I know. To suggest that any God worth His salt, should dump us when we need him most, is obscene and has brought untold misery to Christians and Mormons alike. It’s a cynical, nasty and constraining devise, to keep us in a sense of deserted spiritual destitution – a perfect malleable state for a controlling institution like the church.

Seemingly, God should be able to work through any means to pull us back to faith in Him – if this is His work? I mean, not just through obedience, but from any human condition of negativity, sickness, wellness, weakness, or temptation – including the simple condition of doubt and confusion. God can come to us through ANY form and in ANY state – a book, a computer, a stranger, a friend – through nature, art, music. No matter whether we happen to be totally messed-up, or basking in profound stability – whether in the grip of addiction, or so-called sin, God is supposed to descend to rescue at OUR level (or He’s bloody useless!)…. yet LDS leaders have NO FAITH in this, their proclaimed God, otherwise they would stand back, LET GO and see Him do miracles! They show incredulous disbelief and a pathetic inability to TRUST their God.

It’s as if there exists NO power – apart from themselves – to save us? They have so worried and fretted to ‘protect’ the membership, that they have repressed free and open enquiry, established secrecy, thought police and glossed-over the history – all because presumably, they think this God of theirs must be POWERLESS to Prove, Confirm, Bless, Sustain, Discern and Restore belief of Himself into the souls of members and doubters. It’s as if this God is totally impotent, paralyzed and neglectful.

Oh yes, they suggest members ignore epistemology and only strive for a ‘Spiritual Witness,’ but at the same time, they continue to sustain their cult-like environment throughout the entire church; it’s almost like an open prison!… that sense of a suffocating repression of our real identity and the denial of the genuine expression of true feelings, still prevails. When push comes to shove, they demonstrate ZERO FAITH that God has the power to change us, help us and confirm to any given member, His truth – that the church is true. Once again, their particular appeal to the ‘Spiritual Witness’ solution, exhibits their LACK of FAITH in a proper investigation of truth. They know their method produces a self-deluding, wishful-thinking reaffirmation of the ‘same old’ stuff. It’s a cheap trick they should be so embarrassed and ashamed to stand by. The bankruptcy of their FAITH that God can do it, is shown by the manner they try to override our freedom to try.  GA’s are demonstrably FAITHLESS about the supposed omnipotence of their self confessed God, because they seek through their domination, strategy and punishments to exert forms of influence that should have been left to God… but they don’t. It’s as if their faith in His almighty power – His love, His grace and His intervention on our behalf, cannot be trusted!

It’s rather like a wife feeling and wondering (after some considerable time) whether she has made a mistake in getting married and then – upon him hearing this – demanding she does not leave the house or seek any outside advice. His control of her demonstrates his fear of losing her and his LACK OF FAITH in her – as well as his inability to TRUST GOD to ENABLE HER to make the right choice.

Mormon leaders are essentially FAITHLESS.