In a recent talk given at BYU by apostle Quentin L. Cook, entitled: ‘BANQUET OF CONSEQUENCES – The Cumulative Result of all Choices.’ He drummed up the predictable appeal to both ‘Fear’ and ‘Reward’ with the reminder of the existence of Satan – as an ever present danger to our souls. His warning was, that people today will say – like Korihor, that He (Lucifer) does NOT exist and He would cause us to twist badness into goodness and goodness into badness – thus, justifying many of our bad societal choices. Amongst a number of examples he cited, were abortion rates, the role of women in marriage and in the home (forgoing educational and vocational advancement, etc., to start a family), The Word of Wisdom (alcohol), alternative marriage choices (inferring same sex marriage as inappropriate for happiness).

devil-3He says the Devil will try and cause people (you, me and the rest of those heathens) to mischaracterize good gospel principles – as undesirably bad. He also said about materialism:

“Lucifer’s paradigm shift here is to elevate the seeking of great wealth and the acquisition of highly visible luxury products. Some seem absolutely driven to achieve the life-style of the rich and famous. Excess wealth is not promised the faithful, nor does it usually bring happiness.”

Well now, should we deem a comment like that as the height of hypocrisy, or as uttered by a man so close to the trees, he cannot see the wood?…. In case you didn’t know (he says stupidly) the church is drenched up-to-the-eyeballs in money, investments and assets. It is one of the largest land owners in the US and when asked why? They reply: “It’s for a rainy day.”

We have belonged to a very greedy – grubby little church, which has at its core, the lust of money. Oh yes, once upon a time, we saw LDS history as they intended – our bright and shiny Restoration – God’s Kingdom on Earth. But, bye and bye the mask slipped and the camouflage fell. We saw what was always there, that ulcerated mess of a body, covered then, in a beautiful crisp white shirt and those sharp dark suits. Our church disintegrated into ashes. For many of us, it came down like 9/11. Suddenly – as if from a dream – we awoke and were met by a cold reality.

Don’t let them fool you – it takes an awful lot of courage and faith (whether faith in Self to tackle the future alone, or in another God – who for some, must be out there?) It takes nerve, integrity and a conscience to prepare to stand alone.  We have run close to self-destructing all those attainments and securities that have been gained in life, than shaft our own souls with dishonesty.

imagesp4rh1fi1Bad choices, he insists, brings “A banquet with BITTER, RANCID, NASTY AND MISERABLE RESULTS.” Well, I’m so excited about my final destiny! Somebody called Smith said that it would be an indescribable Hell – so bad, that even God did not, or could not bear to talk about it!

As I have done everything so far to qualify (according to the D&C) as a ‘Son of Perdition,’ I’m just wondering whether I’ll get a hint of its misery now – in this life? Or perhaps a hint of  bitterness? Well, ok, I’ll give him that, I do often get cross and yes I’m sorry, but RANCID, NASTY AND MISERABLE? I can echo the same feelings as most of you who have left the Morg…. I’m happy, relieved, free, 10% better off, relaxed, healed…. and getting slowly ‘normal.’ I am no less compassionate, caring and full of the same old humour. I’ll keep looking for that Devil – if he’s out there? But as sure as hell, he’s not in here! (my heart)

As Mr Cook seems to think, (and probably quite sincerely) ‘we lot’ are possessed of the devil, and ‘them lot’ (the LDS faithful) had better take heed too. Let me quote a friend of mine – Jim Whitefield, from his 4th Volume of THE MORMON DELUSION ‘The Mormon Missionary Lessons – A Conspiracy to Deceive,’ about whether the devil exists? It’s worth reading:

temple-devil“Christian concept of ‘original sin’. The controlling influences of fear and guilt introduced by these concepts have manacled believers ever since. Christians in general just do not realise that the Old Testament or Tanakh do not include such a character as Satan. As previously mentioned, the Jews never did and still do not believe in such a creature and references to ‘HaSaTan’ in the Bible refer to an adversarial being who sits on God’s council and who cannot act without God’s permission. He is not evil. Likewise, ‘Lucifer’ is misinterpreted in the Old Testament by Mormons and also by many other Christians who do not understand the meaning, nor the fact that Christ effectively referred to himself as ‘Lucifer’ in the New Testament.

The Hebrew text in Isaiah was translated to the Latin word ‘Lucifer’ which actually meant Venus as a morning star. Isaiah was using this metaphor for a bright light, referring to the power of the Babylonian king which had faded. It was never anything other than that. It is now a serious problem for the Mormon Church which refers to ‘Lucifer’ as a character, particularly in the temple endowment ceremony. Some Mormon writers have tried to accommodate the error by claiming the text may have had a double meaning but it could not have done as the very concept of the character ‘Lucifer’ is non-Jewish.

blake_041It appears that early Christian scribes first deliberately created in the third century, and then perpetuated, the myth of ‘Lucifer’ through the interpolation of the word Lucifer to represent Satan or the Devil, in Jerome’s Vulgate in the fifth century. It was not the use of the word that was wrong; rather, it was the associated teaching that it was a name for Satan instead of the metaphoric description of the Babylonian king to whom the original Hebrew phrase “heleyl ben shachar” (which literally means ‘shining one, son of the dawn’) referred. This could be reasonably translated into Latin as ‘lucifer’ which really should be looked at more closely by the Mormon Church and admitted as a major error. As the Old Testament was written by Jews who do not and never did believe in the much later Christian concept of the Devil, it is therefore completely impossible that this verse referred to a ‘personage’ that Christians, and in particular Mormons, now term ‘Satan’.

Did the word Lucifer always exist? No, it most certainly did not. In the Hebrew language, the word Lucifer is derived from the Hebrew word …. (Hêlel). The term ‘Lucifer’ did not exist in biblical times. Lucifer is a Latin word. (L. lux, lucis = light/fire; Ferre = to bear/to bring). The Old Testament was written primarily in Hebrew, so the word Lucifer could not have been in their language.”